Spring Treatment

The spring treatment comprises of a no scorch lawn fertiliser designed to cope with low temperatures. It contains nutrients that not only greens up the lawn but also strengthens the lawn.

Early Summer Treatment

The early summer treatment includes a specially designed feed. It has a higher nitrogen content but more importantly its a no-scorch controlled release fertiliser. This it makes the lawn green with little watering needed

Late Summer Treatment

The late summer treatment we apply a non-scorch granular fertiliser slightly smaller than early summer that is  controlled released. This helps the lawns to turn green, lush and strong.

Autumn/Winter Treatment

This is a vital treatment as winter approaches, we cover the lawn in a liquid feed. This is vital as it is a turf hardner which controls moss and strengthens the lawn for the cold days/nights ahead.

Optional Extras

Machine Scarification

Machine Scarification, we carry out this treatment just before spring while or just before the grass springs into life again. We never scarify before winter as the lawns need good recovery time if doing it properly we find just before spring is best, we do a light to moderate scarification taking most of the moss out but not all and most of the thatch out, we do this to encourage growth and the remaining moss will be overtaken by the new grass, its a fine balance but doing a heavy scarification can take months or over a year to recover with little benefit whats so ever. We bag up the moss and thatch for your disposal. Please note when scarification is carried out the lawn will look quite horrid please be aware it will take 7/9 weeks to recover, we will in most cases put a little feed on after wards to help with recovery. Average price £95  takes 2/3 hours.

Grub Control

We offer anyone a grub control for leather jackets (daddy long legs) and chafer grubs. These lawn grubs can cause devastation in any lawn if infestation is in large numbers. Signs of lawn grubs black birds pecking (magpies, starlings, blackbirds and ravens) the lawn, foxes digging and badger damage. Brown spotting on lawns and also balding from the edges. This is where the grubs are eating the roots and is becoming very common practice these days. Let us know if you would like this treatment as its very effective, up to 70% success rate. Prices £25-£35

Ant Control In Lawns

We use a insecticide tried and tested for lawns it controls ants and eradicates up to 80% of nests which makes it one of the most successful on the market at present. If you have a ant problem in lawns let us know and we can help. We control ants through contact and ingestion. We use a small dose agitated with 20 litres of water and is not harmful to pets or children. Prices start from £20-£30.

Machine Aeration

We mainly do aeration any time of year but mainly in Autumn all the way through beginning of spring. It consists of solid tines and hollow tines depending on soil types. It is essential to have this annually unless you garden fork your own lawn then rest assured this treatment can save you a lot work as well as your back, It helps with drainage and air flow through the root system. It also helps alot with compaction and the growth patterns of the lawns. Hollow-tines take soil out of the lawn and leaves little sausages all over these are raked and bagged for your disposal. Most lawns will be solid-tined due to the soil types in the midlands. Prices Solid-tine start £40 & Hollow tine £60. Both cheaper than hiring machine your self and we do all the work.Fantastic value. Open to anyone.

Abzorb Wetting Agent

This fast acting wetting agent attracts itself to the waxes and lipids left by fungal spores on soil and sand patches which in turn attracts water molecules allowing the water to penetrate to the grass roots during the hottest months which causes drought in which causes hard compacted soils. It also very effective on dry patch (brown circles on lawn during drought) and fairy rings. It allows the rain water to also penatrate the soil rather than producing run off and will get to the roots.If rain isn’t due  you must water the wetting agent in twice a week soak to see full effectiveness. The lawns will not need watering as much during drought saving you time and money if on a metre. Average treatment cost £20-30.

Grass Seeding

Green lawns uk offer a grass seed service. If you have bare patches we incur during dry spells, kids playing football and general wear and tear then give us a ring. Prices vary due to different sizes average price £50.